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APSARAA Divine Dancer

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APSARAA Divine Dancer APSARAA the divine dancer Wearing all copper brown, golden cloths.

Product Description

This handmade sculpture represents the dressing and expressions of a divine dancer. Who serves Lord Indra and his court

"APSARAA" the divine dancer . wearing all copper brown, golden cloths, and ornaments like Tika, Zumkaa, Baajubandh, Paayal, Haar, Kandoro (waist belt) etc.

They dance to please lord Indra and others.

Available in different colored dress and jewellery like Tika, Jhumka, Payal, Zaanzar, Necklace, Waist belt (Kandoro) and lots of bangles

Dimentions: 13 x 3 x 3 (standing, each pc.)

Made up with all eco friendly material like - cotton, cloth, wood, clay, iron rod etc.

Special features :
light weight (350 - 450 gms. each piece), unbreakable (except face), easy to maintain, not washable

Delivery Period :
5 to 7 days (all over India including Gujarat) and 12 to 15 days for rest of the world.

Retails Price: Rs. 900.00
Our Price: Rs. 750.00
You Save: Rs. 150.00
Also Get 15 % discount extra !
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